Roulette Is A Very Simple Game. You Basically Just Need To Place A Bet On Any Number On The Roulette Table Layout And Wait For The Result Of The Spin At Ocean 7 Casino. After All The Participants In The Game Have Placed Their Bets On The Table, The Dealer Spins The Wheel And The Ball. The Number Which The Ball Lands On Is The Winning Number. If You Have Bet On That Single Number Or On A Group Of Numbers That Contain It, Then You Are A Winner.


Baccarat Or Mini Baccarat Is Amongst The Easiest Casino Games To Play. The Game Has Its Origins In France. The Object Of The Game Of Baccarat Is To Bet Whether The Banker's Hand Or The Player’s Hand Will Win, It Is A Comparing Card Game, Played Between 2 Hands, Player And Banker. This Can Have 3 Possible Outcomes: Player /Banker Or Tie.

Black Jack

The Most Widely Played Casino Game In The World, The Objective Of The Game Is To Reach Close To 21 Points Without Going Over. Blackjack Players Do Not Compete Against Each Other, Each Player Competes Against The Dealer.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Is A Traditional And Popular Indian Card Game Which Is Believed To Have Originated Somewhere In The South Of India Many Centuries Ago. It Is A Very Simple Game Where The Odds Are 50:50. It Is Played With A Single Deck Of Cards, The Main Goal Of The Game Is To Predict Whether The First Card Called The Joker Features In The Andar Or The Bahar Box.


Major Jackpots And Winning Combinations Can Be Won By Playing On Our Slot Machines.

Casino War

The Objective Of The Game Is To Achieve A Higher-Ranking Card Than The Dealer To Win. The Player Has Also An Option To Place An Additional Wager On TIE. The Player And Dealer Are Each Dealt A Single Card. Highest Card Wins. If Both Cards Are Equal, The Player Can Choose “War,” And The Player And The Dealer Will Each Get An Additional Card To Compare.

Sic BO

Sic Bo Is An Old Chinese Game. It Is A Fast-Paced And Fun Game. It’s Purely A Game Of Chance With Many Different Gaming Options To Choose From. It’s A Game Of Chance Played With Three Dice. The Dealer Shakes Three Dice Closed In A Tiny Chest You Win For Every Number Or Sum You Have Predicted.

Texas Holdem Poker

One Of The Most Exciting Games In The World, This Game Is Played Among Players Accumulating A Pot, This Game Is A Game Of Skill And Patience. The Players Are Dealt Two Cards Known As Hole Cards Followed By Five Community Cards: Flop, Turn And The River. Each Player Can Make The Best Five Card Poker Hand From Any Combination Of Seven Cards To Win The Pot.

7up / Down

This Is A Fast-Paced Fun Game, There Are Three Betting Options 7 UP (Any Card Value Above Seven) 7 Down (Any Card Value Below Seven) And SEVEN. The Game Is Decided By The Value Of Cards Dealt By The Dealer. The Winning Seven Card Is Called Lucky Seven.

Mini Flush

The Player And The Dealer Are Dealt Three Cards Each, The Main Objective For The Player Is To Have A Higher Rank Combination As Per Flush Rules To Beat The Dealer's Hand.

Three card Poker

Three Card Poker Is Played As Heads-Up Between The Player's Hand And The Dealer's Hand. After All Ante Wagers Are Placed, Three Cards Are Dealt To Each Player And The Dealer. Players Have A Choice To Either Fold Or Continue In The Game By Placing A "Play" Wager Equal To Their Ante. Hands Are Then Exposed And Wagers Are Resolved.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti Is Popularly Also Known As Indian Flush, It Is An Exciting And An Easy Game To Play, It Is Played Among Players. Each Player Gets Three Cards To Play. Everyone Places A Minimum Stake At The Center Of The Table Which Is Called The Pot And This Can Be Won By You.